Production of glass containers in the Republic of Belarus

A jar and a bottle with a volume from 160 ml to 2000 ml


Our goal

We work on our business processes and monitor the development of technologies in the market to always be one step ahead. However, the future, as we imagine it, undoubtedly rests on the foundation of already accumulated experience.

Reducing the level of energy consumption, the volume of natural resources used and an increase in the share of secondary raw materials helps us to increase efficiency and reduce costs, while reducing dependence on price volatility in the market.

World practice shows that the rejection of plastic packaging has a positive effect not only on the environment, but also on the economy in the region. The reuse of glass containers reduces the cost of waste disposal and increases the level of ecological culture of the population.


Bottle production


Jar production


Individual design

500 тыс

Capacity of 3 lines per day


Number of persons employed in January 2019

180 млн

Annual output in terms of 0.5 l bottle

Eco-freindly glass packaging

Compliance of products is confirmed by declaration and certification of finished products

High quality

Compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union CU 005/2011 "On packaging safety"


Our factory for the production of glass bottles and jars is equipped with modern and high-tech equipment from import manufacturers. High precision technology allows our company to produce high-quality products in both large and small batches.More details

2019 г.

The production has been completely modernized

2007 г.

The youngest glass container plant in the country


Emhart lines